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i’m here


i’m in la, and i’m sosososososo stoked! bikes come in tomorrow, and i’ll be meeting up with clint from the cranks at choke and unloading them. i think we’re going to do some doodbro surfing tomorrow too. 4 days till the raging starts. hot dog!

mo, no ped


half moped related, i got a new car today and i’m super stoked about it. it’s a 2000 civic five speed hatchback. it gets rockin gas milage (35+ highway) and has enough room in the trunk for 2 peds. this needed to happen to make the move a lot easier. the volvo wasn’t quite trustworthy.

so stoked. 8 days till my plane leaves for la, 15 till the rally. more about "flooooock yeah!", posted with vodpod

motors motors


the plan over the winter was the build up my e50 polini and put in on my magnum in time for la. the motor was done, but the frame wasn’t going to be done in time. so this past week in louisville i brought the polini to life for the first time on my maxi, […]

here’s the powder that moped ted did for me. he had the perfect color lying around to match my volvo’s hood. so radical. the tank, trunk and pipe are going to be black and the seat and 5 stars white. stoked.

there’s been a lot of shit happening lately but i’ve been too busy to really update. i’m moving to lousiville right after flock yeah and things will pick up after that. in the meantime, here’s what’s happened. – magnum frame, forks and pipe got powder’d – gary busey got some m bars, a drop saddle […]