magnum is all BLUE’D up


here’s the powder that moped ted did for me. he had the perfect color lying around to match my volvo’s hood. so radical.

the tank, trunk and pipe are going to be black and the seat and 5 stars white.


2 Responses to “magnum is all BLUE’D up”

  1. 1 Brad

    i was a little confused at first, cause i remembered seeing you with neon paint earlier…but i really like these colors as well. the only thing i’d do different would be a white tank, but that’s up to you of course. you could even get some thin light blue vinyl tape to make a pinstripe on it. anyways. when do you hope to have this project done by?

    • 2 gabeb

      yeah yeah. the neon paint didn’t work out at all. i originally was going to go with a white tank…and still might. the problem with that is that the seat will also be white, which brings up two issues. i don’t want it there to be too much white on the bike, and i’m sketched about the seat fading/getting dirty and being a very nasty white compared to the white tank. pin striping isn’t a bad idea, i’ll have to think about it to see if it’ll fit the feel. i’m planning on having it done by whiskey business as well. i’ll have around a week to build it, so we’ll see.

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