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the plan over the winter was the build up my e50 polini and put in on my magnum in time for la. the motor was done, but the frame wasn’t going to be done in time. so this past week in louisville i brought the polini to life for the first time on my maxi, and will be shipping that out to la for the rally. with the new m bars and dropped seat it’s soooo fun to ride, especially through corners. this bike was made to blast the loop.

i’ve also been wanting to want to go big for the magnum and am thinking about going with a gila. the combo of loving the polini maxi and wanting to go fast might be enough to convince me to go for it.

what was planned for the magnum and is currently on the maxi
– polini
– mild porting
– 15 bing
– dmp unstuffed
– new bearings and seals
– de-restricted dmp pipe
– cheapo 3 shoe with paz springs

wish list for the new magnum motor
– gila
– 24 mikuni flatslide
– dmp stuffed
– hpi?
– destroyer
– 3 shoe

the polini
case matching

porting and polished exhaust port. i took all three intake transfers back ~2.5mm.


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