gary busey 2.5


this week i’ll be making the next steps towards fastifying gary busey. i’ve got a box of treats coming in today that include performance reeds for my polini, crank and clutch for the magnum, and hopefully the rest of the cdi goodies.

ever since la i’ve been having a surging issue with my polini. it happens when i get right up to wide open, then it starts hesitating. if i leave it open long enough and get tucked i can start to power through it. fuel flow checked out fine and i adjusted my points multiple times. a quick inspection of my (stock) reeds at WB didn’t show any failure. it still feels like something funky happening with the reeds. another possibility is i got a faulty 88 jet, and it’s actually a bit bigger than that. either way, it feels like something isn’t right with the reeds or the amount of fuel going through them.

i’ll be installing the performance reeds and hopefully the cdi this week. ideally they’ll give me enough of a low/mid range boost that i can gear up without losing the off the line rippin it has now.

here’s gary in his current state


2 Responses to “gary busey 2.5”

  1. 1 lvd

    love the bars, what do you call them? can you throw up some pics of your other bike(s)?

    • 2 gabeb

      thanks duders! the bars are called “M bars” my magnum (only other bike i have at this point) is still in pieces, so the pic of the frame a few posts down is the best i have. however, i just scored a set of forks that has been holding me up, so hopefully it won’t be long till it’s done.

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