new reeds, new points and wheelies


last week i tackled installing the boyesen dual stage reeds on my polini. the reeds get put together in this order…

after a bit of flipping i got them to sit flat. however when i started to slightly torque down the screws the middle and final reeds would separate a little and leave me with a gap. i didn’t like having a gap and i wasn’t comfortable having finger tight screws perilously hanging over my intake. after some brainstorming with nate and ryan, we decided to go with a couple of m3 nuts torqued down on the back of the reed block.

the stock polini intake has a small groove that isn’t big enough for the nuts to fit, so i had to dremel out the intake and the nuts a bit until everything would lie flat. it ended up sealing up perfecto. i’m still feeling out the performance gains.

this didn’t fix the “surging” issue i’ve been running into at high rpm’s though. so i was convinced it had to be my points. i was just going to just wait to install the treats cdi, but i haven’t gotten my box yet and decided to tackle it at motion left this weekend. devin hooked me up with some new points, after a brief install i fired it up, let it rip annnnnnd, problem fixed!! it felt sooo good to hear my engine wind out to a consistent and healthy rpm. i gps’d at 48.8. not too bad seeing as my timing was set at 1.67mm btdc, giving me better low/mid range and less top end. i’m really stoked to get my cdi together hopefully this week and see what it does.

also, motion left this weekend was SO MUCH FUN. definitely the most fun i’ve had at a rally in a loonnng time, possible ever. pat perrychuting, joey cracking the motron frame on an LARGE jump, super mead, and bromance were just a few of the highlights the races were a big hit too. ghost rider matt crushed everyone with his super hobbit in both the drag and doubles drag race. my maxi edged out devin for 2nd in the drag, and pat perry and i humped our way to second on jona’s derbi in the doubles race. i won the spoon and egg race and got a rad trophy.  the real highlight was competing in the wheelie contest. i never thought i’d have this much fun bailing on a moped…

thanks motion left!

2 Responses to “new reeds, new points and wheelies”

  1. 1 lvd

    i saw those wipeout pics on facebook, but now i know you were doing wheelies and not just sucking at riding your ped. looks really fun man, i wanna get drunk and ride mopeds!

    • 2 gabeb

      it’s so much fun! i think i’ll be able to make it back the weekend you get back. i might bring my bike up with me and i’ll let you tear around on it if i do. if shit works out for me to come to new york in september we could do some rippin then too.

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