fellow ghost rider jona hooked me up with an 84 variant sle he found in st louis. barney from ire was awesome and brought it to kzoo where nate took it back for me and got it today.

it didn’t have spark, but a quick investigation showed that it had a 3 wire cev stator, which meant it could have been the brake light. pulled the brake switches and, spark! after a good carb clean and some fresh gas it fired right up. it still needs a bit more d-janking, and the front mag is bent and cracked but it’s safe enough for a stock bike.

it has the pyramid reed motor which isn’t as rad as flatreed, but gives me the option of going with case inducted derbi kits, or piston port puch kits in the future. biggest bummer is that it has a three roller variator instead of the awesome 6 roller. i’ll probably end up going with a tjt in the future. for now though, this bike stays stock.

i’m in love with variated and stock bikes. taking it tomorrow for the moped weds ride, slow bike style!


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