random things


at motion sick i had my stator off my polini e50 to install new points. when i pulled the stator i found something slightly alarming, my case seal behind the plate had come slightly unseated and bulged out around the bottom. there wasn’t any oil leakage, and the seal looked fine so i gently tapped it back into place. about 2 weeks later when i was installing my cdi i found the same thing. still no oil leaking or seal bustin, so i tapped it back in again. anyone have this happen before? remedies? results?

gary busey is not happy about this

when i put the new reeds on my puch polini i took the top end completely apart to see how everything was doing after ~650 miles. everything looked ship shape, and i remembered to snag a pic of the wrist pin oiling holes i drilled in my piston. i’m running the dmp unstuffed crank which doesn’t have a wristpin oiling hole in it (some people have complained about that). the wristpin looked great so the piston holes seem to be doing their job.


the derbi was taken out on it’s first big ride last night for moped wednesday and it was awesom. it does ~33 bone stock, crushes hills and loves doubles. so much fun to ride. i need to tear into the variator to grease it and drill out the weights for better acceleration. then it’ll be getting a modest pipe, carb and some porting. no kit for now, i want to see what it’ll do as a 50cc funbike first. that and my magnum is hoarding all my money.


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  1. 1 Cpt. F

    I once pulled my stator to find it was the only thing holding the seal in place. It seems there isnt enough space for the seal work its way ALL the way out. At least there wasnt on mine. Replaced it and never had another problem.

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