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i tore into the derbi’s intake last week and made some pretty surprising discoveries. here’s my first glimpse of the pyramid reed block this motor is named after. quite curious. pyramid reed in fact has a pyramid reed block. i’m not the biggest fan of metal reeds and might end up getting some carbon fiber […]



last night’s bandit ride was awesome. we did the best parts from the whiskey business 2 ride with some extra bonuses. 35 miles of hills, country winding roads, service roads next to train tracks and city blasting. i decided to take the derbi out and test it. best idea ever. besides the tjt, it’s bone […]

derbi time


based on lack of funds to buy all the expensive shit for my magnum i decided to put that project on hold indefinitely and start tackling the derbi. i’m going to stick with the stock cylinder for now and see what i can get out of it with a performance variator, pipe, carb and heavy […]

cdi part 2


while i was back in michigan i spent some good times at the bemis blast shop hanging out and working on bikes with peter, pattyboy and patperry. i went to work trying to further dial in the timing on my cdi. jon from the tom cruisers posted that he was able to get it timed […]



oh. noes.

tbs came to party and play mopeds for the day last tuesday. after an good night of drink smashing and talking about shadowhare we took off on a ride. on the way back my bike suddenly started having terrible low end issues. it sounded super rich at low rpms but was fine once i milked […]