destroyed reeds!


tbs came to party and play mopeds for the day last tuesday. after an good night of drink smashing and talking about shadowhare we took off on a ride. on the way back my bike suddenly started having terrible low end issues. it sounded super rich at low rpms but was fine once i milked it to the pipe’s powerband.

markryan and i did some trouble shooting the next day, checking the clutch, cleaning the carb, taking off the airfilter, etc. it performed better without the air filter, which had me confused. i’d been running an 88 jet (down jetting to an 86 this week) since i broke it in which i knew was rich, but not THAT rich. it got dark and i loaded my car up for my trip back to michigan. yesterday i was able to check the last thing, the reeds. i checked them last because i like to make gasket/gasket sealant sandwiches between the cylinder/reedblock/intake so i can put everything together with less torque and not risk the polini warping issue, and it’s a bit of work to put everything back together.

so i took the intake off and was greeted by this…

DE-STROYED! after only 150 miles. the big reed flaps were not only cracked, but severed along the reed stop and tore like wet paper towel when i touched them. not that impressed with the quality from boyesen. maybe it was a factory defect? they were the dual stage boyesen power reeds i got from treats. luckily i had my toolbox full of spare parts with me and was able to put the stock reeds back in and get back to blasting with old friends in gr for a few more days.

i’m not sure what route i want to go now. benji has a couple of options for performance reeds with the stock intake. any opinions on them?


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