cdi part 2


while i was back in michigan i spent some good times at the bemis blast shop hanging out and working on bikes with peter, pattyboy and patperry. i went to work trying to further dial in the timing on my cdi. jon from the tom cruisers posted that he was able to get it timed correctly by leaving the pickup on the right (e50) and dremeling out the stator slots 1-2mm. by doing that he was able to advance his timing to 17 degrees before TDC at idle with revs to a little over 20 degrees.

so i dug into my cdi and did some work. here’s the stator plate before dremeling with the material sharpied that’s being taken off. the slots being modded are in the bottom left and upper right.

and after

the extra bit i was able to advance it made a HUGE difference in my lowend, and possibly some up top. i didn’t set the stator full advanced on the new slots because i don’t have a timing light. don’t want to risk running too advanced. eventually i’ll get a light and check the right way to make sure i get it dialed in.


10 Responses to “cdi part 2”

  1. Gabe. how much different did you end up once you used a timing light? Im in the same spot you were with this. i dont have access to a timing light and dont want to blow my shit up

    • 2 gabeb

      with that current setting (assuming it didn’t slip) i was idling around .8mm and reving to 1.2mm btdc. using the timing light i ended up advancing it so it reved around 1.3mm and revved to 1.7mm btdc. i’m finishing up my polini rebuild with a new cdi and will try and take some pictures of the stator plate position once it’s timed.

  2. so, you went even more advanced. are you up against the lighting coil with the screw? i ordered a timing light. its comming in the mail, so i should be able to exact things. thank you for the response.

  3. i must have gone a litle too far. im squeezed in there tight with the coil. ill back out a little more and see how that feels.

    • 7 gabeb

      i wouldn’t worry too much. i was pretty close. you can feel it out a little, but the timing light will get you perfecto.

  4. ive been meaning to tell you. i did the rebuild and got that dmp crank in there. so far its been working out great. ive been trying to work out making it to your rally with the mission 23 kids. Chances are good that we’ll be there.

    • 9 gabeb

      awesome! i didn’t know m23 was coming, super rad. wb3 is going to be awesome.

  5. thats not the final word, but several of us are trying hard to make it happen. I cant wait.

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