derbi time


based on lack of funds to buy all the expensive shit for my magnum i decided to put that project on hold indefinitely and start tackling the derbi. i’m going to stick with the stock cylinder for now and see what i can get out of it with a performance variator, pipe, carb and heavy porting.

last night i took step one and installed a tjt variator. everything else on the bike is still bone stock so i had to use 5 of the heaviest tjt weights and one stock derbi 6 roller weight to get it to variate correctly. it made a HUGE difference. acceleration is better and i gained around 5-6 mph on top. we’re doing the whiskey business 2 long ride tonight and i’m stoked to see how it does.

no pictures of that, so i’ll leave you with nate cutting a steel pipe to make a variator work. standard bandit safety protocol.


5 Responses to “derbi time”

  1. 1 john

    Yo can you show us everything you did to make the tjt work smoothly on the derbi?

    did you buy the belt and the ramp plate too?


    • 2 gabeb

      it was super easy. all i had to do was pull the old three weight variator, then i removed a small washer/spacer that sat between the old variator and the belt (it just restricts things) and then bolt the tjt up. if i get a chance i’ll take a picture of washer/space i removed and a tip nate showed me that makes taking the variator off a breeze.

      the stock belt worked great too. let me know if you have any other questions.

      • 3 john

        Hey man. Thanks.

        I have a pryamid reed too w/ a 3 roller and am going tjt when I get the funds. Unless a stock 6 roller somehow falls from the sky.

        DId you buy the tjt belt too? Do you have to?

        P.S. I do not recommenced the muffler racing pipe. If I were you I’d get the 50cc zen pipe next, even if you’re going to kit it later.

  2. 4 gabeb

    nope, didn’t have to buy the tjt belt. the for what it’s worth, i think the tjt on a derbi is just as good performance wise as the six weight, and is higher quality. it’s machined from aluminum instead of cast like the six weight.

    what’s your email address? shoot me an email (gabeb-at-mopedarmy-dot-com) and i’ll send a picture of that space over.

    also, i tore into the intake last night and made some cool discoveries on easy free upgrades you can make. i’ll post it up when i get some time next week.

    thanks for the advice on the pipe. what are you doing on your bike?

  3. 5 vic

    nice variant. mine is basicly exactly the same except an 83.

    did your intake have the 10mm restrictor in it? couldnt believe it when I pulled the carb off. So far with a 15sha, stock 6 weight and metrakit RK pipe i was doing 44mph GPS. pretty insane.

    the muffler racing pipe is actualy pretty rad, but if your not kitted it wont do much of anything.

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