last night’s bandit ride was awesome. we did the best parts from the whiskey business 2 ride with some extra bonuses. 35 miles of hills, country winding roads, service roads next to train tracks and city blasting. i decided to take the derbi out and test it. best idea ever. besides the tjt, it’s bone stock but dominates hills (jay wasn’t so lucky), cruises close to 40 and is super comfortable. on the way up the second huge hill (the big one from the wbII ride) i decided to test my iphone’s video camera and was surprised by how good it looked. once i get a case (woops) and a strap i’ll get more intense/group riding footage. for now, enjoy the purr of a stock derbi climbing a steep hill.

One Response to “video!”

  1. 1 lvd

    sounds more like a rattle

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