derbi intake photo adventure


i tore into the derbi’s intake last week and made some pretty surprising discoveries.

here’s my first glimpse of the pyramid reed block this motor is named after. quite curious.

pyramid reed in fact has a pyramid reed block. i’m not the biggest fan of metal reeds and might end up getting some carbon fiber reed material and cutting new ones.

case intake is HUGE. maybe room for a 4 petal reed block? experiments ahead for sure.

10mm intake?! DO NOT WANT.

room for improvement inside the intake too.

waiiiiit a second. it’s a restrictor!

bam! instant upgrade to 13mm.

STOP, dremel time. fancy new 15mm intake.

i did a little bit of opening up and tapering on the inside too.

i put the bored out intake and 15 sha on late last night. it has a lot more power, but isn’t tuned right. i think it’s super rich (left the 68 jet in that came with the carb). next is a pipe (suggestions welcome) and some porting. i’m trying to resist the urge to kit it, and instead see what i can do with this stock cylinder.


2 Responses to “derbi intake photo adventure”

  1. 1 john

    Sick. What type of dremel bit did you use to bore the intake? It looks really smooth and round for dremel work.

  2. 2 gabeb

    i used a high speed cutter: for removing material. then went through with an aluminum oxide grinding stone: to smooth/even things out.

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