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the derbi was doing solid mid-upper 30s with just the tjt. when i put the bored out intake and 15 sha on i got negligible gains, so it was time to unlock some more power. first step was to take the cylinder off and see what kind of porting potential it had. nice big transfers […]

on friday i joined the group of horrible dangerous/awesome moped trike owners when i bought nate’s kitted (noi 70cc polini), piped (bullet), front wheeled garelli trike. while it might be more structuraly sound than responsible jon’s homemade hobbit trike, it’s most likely not safer to ride. anything over 25mph and the whole thing starts to […]



i was just flickr lurkin and found this by patpat…. whooohahahohohoahoahoahooaohoahoooo! erin and i have reached the stardom of pat perry immortalization. we joined the illustrius ranks of peter, jona, roger and benji. pat’s an amazing artist, ghost rider and the second half of team gangles. check out his new site.