oh noes trike city


on friday i joined the group of horrible dangerous/awesome moped trike owners when i bought nate’s kitted (noi 70cc polini), piped (bullet), front wheeled garelli trike.

while it might be more structuraly sound than responsible jon’s homemade hobbit trike, it’s most likely not safer to ride. anything over 25mph and the whole thing starts to shimmy and shake, just waiting to dump you off at the slightest errant twitch of the handlebar. how could i resist it? nate said he had it up to 42 once, and it wanted to go faster than that.

i’m particularly excited about this project because of all the potential it has. it’ll be different then previous builds as nothing needs to be done to the engine. instead it’ll be all frame, brakes, and steering mods.

first line of business will be fixing the brake situation, which is non-existent at this point. with the help of hack n’ weld “this should work” expert and roommate ryan nichols, i’m going to start with dual front disc brakes. i’m also toying with the idea of trying to find a rear trike kit and creating a mocar. lots of creative/ridiculous opportunities with this bike.

over the weekend i also ported and piped the derbi, figured out my grabbing clutch issue on gary busey (posts on those in the next few days), and blew a bunch of shit up on the fourth. MERIKAAAH!


One Response to “oh noes trike city”

  1. 1 john

    What pipe did you get on the derbi? Also, how did porting go? Did you just widen the exhaust port? How fast are you going now?

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