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in a couple of hours markryan and i load up his car and head north, grand rapids bound! i’m going a few days before the rally kicks off to spend some time with family and old friends. tomorrow and friday will involve relaxed hanging out at my parents pool during the day with some more […]

on the shire


after fastifying the derbi, i was put in a predicament. i no longer had a stock bike. kitted mopeds are awesome, but there’s a joy that comes with riding a stocker you forget when you only have kitted mopeds. they also take near zero maintenance and are a fun/safe option to bomb around on as […]



i’ve drooled over tsm’s since i saw patty boy’s in the bemis garage, and even more once i saw creature erin’s. recently i’ve been talking with nate about a sick bastard franken-motor idea. i wanted to base it off a peugeot frame, but wanted the stability and gas capacity of a top tank. but finding […]

in my search for a different frame for the derbi, nate stumbled across some stuff in his basement that is pretty gnarly and will work awesome. no details for now, just a sneak peak. the kit and pipe are both installed now too. i need to take care of some mysterious intake leaks and get […]

more derbi fun


my kit and pipe arrive tomorrow, weeeeee! i don’t like the way the variant frames feel though. i might love getting noodly…but that’s not something i dig in a frame. sooo, i’ve been brainstorming some different ideas. i’d love a cage frame, but those are hard to come by. and with it being a pyramid […]

a few things have happened and i haven’t been posting.  i just got back from brodeo (which was AMAZING) so this is going to be quick. – i tried installing the za50 cdi benji sells on my derbi. i followed cuperzack’s blog post on how to install it and had no luck. finally, after flipping […]