a few updates in one


a few things have happened and i haven’t been posting.  i just got back from brodeo (which was AMAZING) so this is going to be quick.

– i tried installing the za50 cdi benji sells on my derbi. i followed cuperzack’s blog post on how to install it and had no luck. finally, after flipping the pickup back to the stock position i got it running. i had to dremel out the slots a lot and drill a new hole. it still didn’t run great after that, so i bought a new condenser and switched back to points. the motoplat ignition systems derbi’s come with are really great and should serve me fine.

– i fixed the clutch sticking issue i was having on my e50. turns out the clutch posts had slightly bent outward causing the arms to extend pass the plate and slightly grab the clutch bell….

a few seconds with the angle grinder = fixed!

the amount of slip i have (synthetic oil and torqued down paz springs) makes this clutch wear out reasonably quick. i’m pretty happy with the 900+ miles i have on it so far.

– i caved in and got the 65cc pyramid reed metra kit and 75cc zen pipe for my derbi. going to pair that with either the 15 sha i have on there now, or move to a 19 phbg.  a few things i have to work out before that gets totally done are some frame mods, new forks, and maybe a disc brake.  for your health!


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