more derbi fun


my kit and pipe arrive tomorrow, weeeeee! i don’t like the way the variant frames feel though. i might love getting noodly…but that’s not something i dig in a frame. sooo, i’ve been brainstorming some different ideas. i’d love a cage frame, but those are hard to come by. and with it being a pyramid reed motor tube frames like to smash around where the intake and carb spits out. i’m thinking about trying to find some crazy bendy (noodly even??) intake that could snake around the frame and give me side carb clearance. or maybe i’ll just weld something up. i’ll probably end up bolting everything up to my current frame setup for now. i’m terribly impatient.

so brodeo was amazing. who would have known that a little moped gang in bloomington could pull of what big branches had failed to do shortly before. whats the recipe you ask? LOTS of riding, more riding, a chill backyard party and fire pit, some more riding and EPIC terrain. i went on 7 different rides, 2 of them were 60+ miles and all of them were amazing. it turns out i left one of my brake tensioners in louisville and saturday morning i scrambled to find a fix. no brake adjusters were available so i cooked up a bandit bandage. it consisted of 3 bottle caps hack sawed to the middle then drilled out so the cable was free to slide.

nate and zack scoffed at me and said it would get crushed immediately. i had the last laugh on sunday night when it triumphantly eased me to a stop after two ferocious days of braking.

the derbi did amazing all weekend. saturday, kitty bandit broke down halfway though the long ride so she hopped on the back. the stock derbi riding dubs RIPPED all day. nothing like passing kitted bikes up hills when you’re riding dubs on a stock bike.

this is one of my favorite pictures from the weekend.

CAPTIAN GABERYAN. friends for-e-ver.


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