derbi project: the beginning of the beast


in my search for a different frame for the derbi, nate stumbled across some stuff in his basement that is pretty gnarly and will work awesome. no details for now, just a sneak peak.

the kit and pipe are both installed now too. i need to take care of some mysterious intake leaks and get it jetted properly. i’ve got a week and a half before ghost ride to get everything done, woof. here we go.


4 Responses to “derbi project: the beginning of the beast”

  1. 1 john

    did you case match the kit?

  2. 2 gabeb

    nope. i’m going to tear it down this winter and case match, check bearings and seals and port the top end.

  3. I could be utterly wrong, but that has similarities to a CT frame, like a 70…

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