i’ve drooled over tsm’s since i saw patty boy’s in the bemis garage, and even more once i saw creature erin’s. recently i’ve been talking with nate about a sick bastard franken-motor idea. i wanted to base it off a peugeot frame, but wanted the stability and gas capacity of a top tank. but finding a tsm? get real. on monday night these path’s colided and mo-luck shined on me. someone posted in the bandit forum that there was a moped about to go for cheap on ebay in louisville. i casually checked it out…TSM?? whoa! a couple hours later i eeked out a winning bid and yesterday i brought this little lady home.

it needs a little love cosmetically, but it was complete and nothing i’ll be using is broken. forks are solid, wheels are good and the frame isn’t rusty. the motor is seized, but i’m not planning using it.

this is going to be my winter project. a full restore. recover the seat, sandblast and paint the tank and trunk piece, get NOS decals and shine everything up. the exciting part comes with the motor. it’s going to be hush hush till we start getting stuff ironed out. but to give you a hint, nate is helping out on it.


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