on the shire


after fastifying the derbi, i was put in a predicament. i no longer had a stock bike. kitted mopeds are awesome, but there’s a joy that comes with riding a stocker you forget when you only have kitted mopeds. they also take near zero maintenance and are a fun/safe option to bomb around on as a bar bike.

so the search went out. i thought about building up the extra e50 and #2 cylinder that i have…but building a bike from scraps is a bitch, and i’d like my stocker to be variated. that’s when i saw a “blue rolling hobbit” on the buy sell forum and pounced. but blue hobbit??…was it a camino? oh no my friends, it’s something much better then that. i’d like you to meet what will soon be george washington. a star spangled hobbit that would make this guy proud.

it kept getting better

i love bikes with character, and this one is oooozing with it. i’ve got a pa50I bottom end coming that will get a ported stock pa50II top end, notched vario, stock pa50II carb/intake setup and a pipe, probably proma circuit.


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