how to: unstick a seized cylinder…


…the brute force way. markryan needed a stock magnum cylinder. ryan and sue had one, but it was stuck on a completely destroyed za50. enter our tutorial: watch nate’s scientific method for getting a cylinder free from the sinister hands of seizetown.

STEP 1: smash the bejeezus out of the piston trying to force in through the cylinder

*note* be sure to implode through the piston dome to wristpin for maximum transfer of energy

STEP 2: wiggle the cylinder to get some freedom and movement, then use brute force to start twisting it. sit back and wait for the awesome to happen.

enjoy your results

STEP 3: continue to bash the piston out of the cylinder, clean it up and run it.

in some derbi news, i got a mikuni 18vm carb for the derbi, made an intake (out of an old express intake) and got it running. post about that in the future.


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