bourbon banditos


no tuning in this post, instead some pictures from our weds night ride.  there was a decent turn out with 20+ people, with special guest QUATTO!

maggie leading the ride downtown

markryan, sue, nate and maggie right before blast off

and rev dubs (aka jeremy bandit) SICK magnum recently coverted to mini.  there is a ton of detail and perfection poured into this bike.  he’s truely a whiz with aesthetics.  and it’s a ripper to boot.


4 Responses to “bourbon banditos”

  1. Looks like fun! I need to come back to Louisville and visit again.

  2. 2 gabeb

    yeah! you could even come back for good. ehhhh ehhhh?

  3. 3 lvd

    gorgeous whatever at the bottom, that blue frame you have is a similar bike no? i like your wp theme btw

    • 4 gabeb

      thanks dude! yeah it is the same as my blue frame, but i ended up selling that and moving on to different projects.

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