nate’s tri-ped mocar


nate made a huge craigslist score last week.  he chased down a cryptic post an hour away looking for what looked to be a morini powered trike.  when he got there he was surprise by something WAY more badass.

it’s a minirelli v1 powered tri-ped.  supposedly only 500 ever made.  it’s a LOT of fun to ride, especially with side by side passengers. now i know how much fun phil and fellow blogeeto fleeters have been having riding side by side (by side) on his hobbit trike.  too bad these bikes live on opposite coasts, a three man trike race would be hilarious.


12 Responses to “nate’s tri-ped mocar”

  1. wow! that looks great. I think that phil would figure out a way to make that race happen, but you have to convince him soon.

    • wow looks in great shape with cosmetic to be done , kind of my new favorite show american pickers which is on the history channel before pawn stars on monday nights but available on demand for free which the guy Mike Wolfe who likes bikes pedal, ,peds,cycles etc found a vespa tri-ped without the cycle and it was like one of 2 in the U.S.A.! iT WAS WORTH LIKE 7 GRAND GREAT SHOW ! BEST TOM!

  2. Scooby claims to have a MoCar bundled away with the other hundreds of secret treasures buried in his basement.

  3. A tri-ped micro car is what I believe those are called, and thus have two excellent qualities:
    A: Awesome
    B: Excellent Name

  4. 5 Dave seley

    Tri-ped Microcar of Farmingdale NY. They actually made 904 total, and I own 0904 a Tomos 2 speed powered version, much faster than the Minarelli. Mine is equipped with the optional roof and windsheild, and was recently repowered with a kitted (70 Alukit) A35 for even more oomph. I saved the original A3 with 800 miles on it for restoration back to stock if I am so inclined.
    Dr. Pivar, when they made the faster 2 speed, after finding out people were crashing them, put the patent in his pocket, and there it still sits.

    • 6 wayne

      Hi Dave,

      I’ve got one of these bad boys but its a mess…the frame is good but all the wheels are missing. Any idea where to get parts for these things?
      Thanks! W

  5. HEY Davew if you ever need anything machined threaded etc i work in a machine shop so milling cutting , let me know and if i cvan help or fix i will tom!

  6. 8 Pete

    I just picked up a ’79 Pivar in PA just like the one in the video above. It came complete with windshield and canopy. 1800 miles on it. Has Minarelli engine. Any idea where I could find the serial number on the frame? Totally complete but needs some work. Mostly all there except tail light. Thanks!

    • 9 gabeb

      pete, i’m not sure exactly where it would be. dave seley might be able to help you out. often times they put the vin tags on the head tube and possibly on the motor too.

  7. 10 Pete

    Thanks Gabeb. No tag on head tube. But there’s a sticker on the top of the motor case. G51060, but that looks like the motor id#. Tag says Motori Minarelli. Thanks for your response!

  8. 11 Rick

    I found one today at a flea market. It had an enclosure and a matching trailer. Wondering what the value is on these?

  9. 12 brian

    I work assembling those in 1980 for doctor pivar (stuart)
    I believe the serial numbers are stamped by the headlights …take care of those great machines…I’d love to have 1 again, they were great

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