SEIZETOWN and a new pipe


in a partial trade for the tsm, ben from switcHANDsignal sent me a new derbi metrakit pipe.  i had a feeling the 75cc zen was holding me back, and HOLY CRAP was i right.  the bike was entirely transformed.   easy wheelie torque and a ton more top end (8+ mph). the zen pipe was just waaay too big for the 65cc kit. lesson learned. here are some comparison photos.

zen on top, metrakit on bottom.  smaller/longer header for this setup = MOAR POWAR


so it also turns out i was a bit lean running the new pipe.  i was riding over to nates to weld up an exhaust mount (more on that later) and was taking it easy…but couldn’t resist the power and opened it up.  sure enough, after about 30 seconds it locked up into a 45′ skid. i coasted it to nates garage and took the head off to find this.

what’s with the exhaust port arrow pointing sideways? anyone know?

little/no damage! there was no feelable damage on the cylinder wall and the rings were fine.  i’ve never seized a bike before this kit, and i’ve gotten off easy with this one so far.  at nates i upjetted 5 sizes, added a gnarly pitbike air filter, and took off for a cold ride with some bandits down the ohio river.  turns out i didn’t upjet enough though. i was cruising along and nate passed me on his 50+ morini powered pacer, so i opened it up to pass him back.  right after i pulled by him i locked up into another, more terrifying seize skid that had my rear tire swerving all over and smoking.  i let it cool down again for a couple minutes and it fired right back up fine.  i’ve got to upjet a bit more before bombourbon, but other than that this bike is good to go! finally feeling the derbi power and loving it.


5 Responses to “SEIZETOWN and a new pipe”

  1. 1 MFTravis

    Looks like you got off pretty easy after the first seize. I’m cleaning up a seized (cast iron) cylinder now and it looks like someone took a dump down the side of the walls. Have fun at Bomburbon Run.

  2. That twisted arrow either is designed like that or somehow you bend your crank shaft but the moped still runs. Strange.

  3. bummer on the dual seize. the pic looks like you have a big gouge on the right side…
    be careful blaster master.

    • 5 gabeb

      no sir. it’s just some glazing where the ring land is.


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