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this is what it has become so far. still figuring out a rear wheel situation (more on that later), it’ll get a paint makeover and the seat will be recovered. but as far as engine mounts, tank, seat, forks, and ride height goes this is it. i hacked and welded the rear half of the […]

I posted this on MA, but for the sake of redundancy here we go… Review for Motion Left Mopeds new pipe designed for the puch polini: REV-RUN The setup: Puch e50, fully case matched stock reedcage and reeds Polini 64cc kit, intake slightly ported, exhaust stock 15mm Bing carb Puch Hero CDI from treats 3 […]

devin brought down a bunch of prototype pipes this weekend. one of them was designed specifically for the puch polini cylinder and we used gary busey to test it. my current setup was a 15 bing, puch hero cdi, polini and modified dmp (estoril) pipe. it gps’d today at 50.0 mph. insert motion left’s brand […]

is the formula for progress on the derbi monster, and lots was made tonight.

the beginning…

some porting


while my derbi motor was apart i figured i’d tinker around with some porting. i’d like to race this motor in the spring/summer, so i want to see what this kit is capable of. here’s what i planned for the cylinder (65cc pyramid reed metrakit). i ended up just raising the exhaust 2mm and widening […]

in the transition to a new, much more amazing, frame for the derbi, it was time to case match and do some porting.  i didn’t feel like splitting the cases and doing a full rebuild.  to avoid aluminum shavings all up in my crank and bearings i used some play dough and plastic wrap.  obvserve… step […]