motion left prototype pipe kills it


devin brought down a bunch of prototype pipes this weekend. one of them was designed specifically for the puch polini cylinder and we used gary busey to test it. my current setup was a 15 bing, puch hero cdi, polini and modified dmp (estoril) pipe. it gps’d today at 50.0 mph. insert motion left’s brand new pipe and a slight re-gear and i got this…
15 bing e50 polini
this pipe is amazing. still have a couple more things i’m going to do to try and hit 60 on the 15 bing before i start playing with other carbs. 2 PETAL 4LYFE DAWG. i’ll do a more descriptive write up with photos after thanksgiving. not sure when these will go into full production, but i’d contact him ( if you want one.


10 Responses to “motion left prototype pipe kills it”

  1. wow man, that’s insane. so you getting one of those pipes i assume?

  2. whats the gearing?

    • 4 gabeb

      17×36 for the 58.1 run. it’s definitely capable of more rpm’s as it pulled 57.6 with 18×40 gearing. only slight porting on the intake, none on the exhaust. hopefully picking up a tiny tach in the next week or two so i can get some more numbers out there.

  3. nice work Mr.Biek! How about some pics??

  4. I am stoked to see one in person. He was telling me about them last week.


  5. 7 cuperzacko

    yea dude, 4 petal that and you should be able to get up to about 65 or so. I think elliot (creature) got up to about that with a n8p, crazy ported polini, and stock points. Also, what cdi box are you running? Because you can probably get even more power if you are running one of the combo (coil/cdibox) ones. I run the separate one (like the one 77 sells i think) and its night and day between that and the others.

    • 8 gabeb

      radical. i’m going to stick with the 2 petal for now to see what it’s capable of. there’s room in the stock polini intake for a bigger carb if it’s hacked up. i am running the combo coil/cdi box. did the 77 box give you higher revs, or more power in the midrange? thanks for the tip dude!

  6. 9 cuperzacko

    i’m not exactly sure if it is indeed the 77 box, but it looks just like it. Benji hooked it up when we began cdi testing earlier in the year, it was his original box. It gives me more power everywhere, and no fade when the bike gets hot.

    • 10 gabeb

      there’s a picture of the box i have. the silver thing below and to the left of it is the (non-working) voltage regulator. the boxes that come with the 77 cdi look different, but maybe i’m wrong?

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