Review: MLM’s REV-RUN


I posted this on MA, but for the sake of redundancy here we go…

Review for Motion Left Mopeds new pipe designed for the puch polini: REV-RUN

The setup:
Puch e50, fully case matched
stock reedcage and reeds
Polini 64cc kit, intake slightly ported, exhaust stock
15mm Bing carb
Puch Hero CDI from treats
3 shoe, paz springs
16×40 gearing
DMP unstuffed crank

The REV-RUN was taking the place of my trusty modified estoril. Before I swapped pipes, I gpsd the estoril at 50.0 mph.

With the REV-RUN I lost little, if any, low end. It hit shortly after the estoril did and produced a smooth, very quickly climbing power band that immediately started making more power than the estoril did. It continued to skyrocket to rpms I’d never hit before and GPSd at 54.5 mph.

With the extra power I tried re-gearing (the estoril couldnt pull taller gearing than 16×40) to 18×40. Low end was little worse, but nothing a little clutch tuning couldnt fix. Once the pipe hit (still pretty early) it pulled every bit as hard as it did with 16×40 gearing. It kept screaming all the way to a GPSd 57.6 mph.
I re-geared once more at 17×36 to shoot for 60. It didnt hit quite as high rpms, but was a little faster at 58.1 mph. Ive got some more gearing to try, a different cdi box and some porting to get this 15 bing to 60.

This pipe is sick, its got an insane power band, revs to the moon, and is super high quality hand made. Total game changer for the puch polini, and who knows what else. Devin said hes taking orders starting immediately.
Motion Left Mopeds REV-RUN
Motion Left Mopeds REV-RUN
Motion Left Mopeds REV-RUN
Motion Left Mopeds REV-RUN


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