a look at the derbi monster


this is what it has become so far. still figuring out a rear wheel situation (more on that later), it’ll get a paint makeover and the seat will be recovered. but as far as engine mounts, tank, seat, forks, and ride height goes this is it.
slowly comes to life

i hacked and welded the rear half of the frame to lower the ride height

frame mods

demolished the original engine cage and lined up new motor mounts
super clean engine mounts
the big thing holding me back at this point is the rear wheel. the swingarm on this bike is SUPER wide, and the stock 14″ wheel that came with it was much wider than any moped wheel. the hub was also bigger than the derbi rear sprocket, so it won’t bolt up. the hub is aluminum and the sprocket is steel, so welding is a bitch. possible solutions are welding blocks of aluminum to either side to fix spacing and use a skinnier 17″ wheel (tricky bearing issues) or figure out a 17″ rim i can lace into the original hub and make some type of steel spacer to adapt the derbi sprocket to the rear hub. custom funzone.


One Response to “a look at the derbi monster”

  1. This is the most exciting project going on at the moment!

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