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responsible jon dual purposes his performance pipes as moped exhuasts and horns worth of kings (ninja g3 and homoet 8p examples). markryan demonstrates another versatile use of the moped expansion chamber.

graham from the cranks just started blogging and it’s definitely worth checking out. a whole lot of 2-stroke knowledge and hilarity happening over at Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control.

tomorrow (saturday) myself and 6 other bandits are heading to moped mecca and meeting up with the quarterkick guys, a few tbs’rs, at least 4 switchhandsignal duders, and possibly big bad bengry. fellow bandit, jason wadowski, went there with brad smith last week. he has a sweet blog post about their journey. if you haven’t […]

it’s for sure happening this spring/summer! for the last month i’d been talking to the race director at circleville racepark. the track looked great and they were enthusiastic about us coming, but after talking to them more i realized we were going to be subjected to their rules (which were a total bummer), their racedates […]