it’s for sure happening this spring/summer! for the last month i’d been talking to the race director at circleville racepark. the track looked great and they were enthusiastic about us coming, but after talking to them more i realized we were going to be subjected to their rules (which were a total bummer), their racedates (10+ a season) and be sharing the raceday with scooters, ysr’s, pocketbikes etc. so nate turned loose on the internet and found a bunch of different tracks to check out. we went saturday to check it out the most promising/exciting one. i wasn’t sure what to expect, but we came out with a complete victory. the track owner agreed to give us 4-5 of our own racing weekends where we’ll have complete control over everything.  these weekends will be mopeds ONLY. no gopeds, scooters, pocketbikes etc. the format will be saturday practice/sunday race with multiple classes. i need to line up a bunch of sponsers for this, so if anyone has suggestions please let me know. we’re responsible for making the entire weekend happen and it’ll be a lot of work, but having a dedicated moped racing weekend is going to beyond awesome. dates will be released mid/late january. website with full disclosure coming soon. get excited, these are going to be some radical weekends.

future midwest moped racing track

first test run


20 Responses to “MIDWEST MOPED RACING!”

  1. 1 Mike

    I’m there.

  2. Looks awesome, I’d love to come watch a race!

  3. awesome! We are going to have to work this into our summer schedule!

  4. I’m going to take that shortcut in the middle…it looks a little more curvy, but I think i can cut people off a the pass.

  5. 5 gabeb

    awesome dudes! phil and zack it be super rad to see you guys come out. we have to wait till mid january when the kart association releases their weekends before we can pick ours, but i’d like to get one of the race weekends right after a big midwest rally (bomb prom if it works out?) so west coasters could stay out for a race if they wanted.

    wads, you can give it a shot…but i’d ask admiral ackbar about what mysteries lie in that middle section.

  6. 6 Nate Bandit

    ^ yikes gabe… yikes

  7. 7 gabeb

    tracks a-c from this point on will officially be referred to as THE ACKBAR TRACKS. look out 50cc racers….it’s always a trap.

  8. 8 tweeder

    1B looks good to me!

    Pabst Blue Ribbon got in contact with TBS last week. They might be a potential sponsor?

  9. 9 cuperzacko

    2A or 2B looks the best.

    When is bomb prom? Don’t cater just to us, but I’d guess sometime in july or early august is probably most realistic for a group of us getting there.

    • 10 gabeb

      from the few times nate and i rode the track last weekend, that “m” at the top of the 2 column is GNARLY. bonus of running the weekend is being able to choose different track layouts for each class.

      bomb prom is memorial day weekend, and looks to be the one a lot of west coasters are coming to. our rally is april 16-18, which is probably still during school. if you guys can make it to bomb prom i definitely would.

  10. korazzo

    are the ones off hand that I can think are pretty easy to get sponsorship from. schlafly locally sponsors a 50cc ride every week, so they might really be down.

  11. 13 Mike from Kansas City

    Where is this gonna be? Somewhere in Kentucky?

  12. 15 cuperzacko

    You need to get it touch with louie over at polini:
    (408) 353-3537

  13. 17 Franta

    Have you guys decided on any classes? Open, 50cc…etc

    • 18 gabeb

      there will be a stock 50cc class, a 70/65cc kitted (polini + more, more details coming on that) and open specials class. specifics on regulations and rules coming in january.

  14. 19 Ballzworth Hallington

    Woah, this track looks real familiar.
    Outbrake motorsports has drift events there.
    Its east of dayton.
    I wont say anymore for not wanting to spill someones beeeaaannnsss

  15. 20 Ballzworth Hallington

    Oops, by east i mean west.

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