going to handybikes tomorrow


tomorrow (saturday) myself and 6 other bandits are heading to moped mecca and meeting up with the quarterkick guys, a few tbs’rs, at least 4 switchhandsignal duders, and possibly big bad bengry. fellow bandit, jason wadowski, went there with brad smith last week. he has a sweet blog post about their journey.

if you haven’t heard, handybikes (the largest supplier of new old stock parts) is liquidating all it’s moped parts. the money hungry asshole owner doesn’t think the moped section is making them enough money, despite it’s essential part in the moped community. they have room after room of different brands and parts. BONUS: apparently they have more derbi stuff than any other brand. i’m definitely going to pick up a spare set of pyramid reed cases, another stock crank, and am going to try and find this diablo seat and tank combo….

then i’ll be browsing for some more random things like headlight, pedal arms, knarps, points, domino controls, etc. if you need anything specific, feel free to email me before 1pm EST and i’ll see if i can help you out. i’ve got a few things i’m picking up for other people already.

this handybikes trip also kicks off a 3 week adventure vacation for me. i’m heading to pittsburgh to hang out with SHS for a couple nights, then staying in new york next week with an old friend, then two weeks in grand rapids to hang out with family, build my hobbit motor at the shire and hang out with the bemis blasters, and enjoy michigan in it’s glorious winter beauty.


6 Responses to “going to handybikes tomorrow”

  1. 1 cuperzacko

    i don’t think they have any c5 seats, or BJ didn’t want to sell them to me. If you happen to find one, tell me, because mine needs to be re-upholstered, but new would be better.

    • 2 gabeb

      i’ve heard several stories of people actually showing up and bj saying “we don’t have any of that”…and then there being an entire shelf of it (Solo engines in one case). he doesn’t mean it, just an old dude. so i’m keeping my fingers crossed. email you phone number so i can call in a pinch. also, what year is your c5? i’m trying to figure out when they switched to the style tank i posted from yours.

  2. 3 Graham

    god if i wasn’t working tomorrow i would so drive down there just for the afternoon.

  3. Just remember a Demm Scout/Smily largest oversized piston/ring combo! I will reward you greatly with the equivalent retail cost of said parts and even more valuable, a whole lotsa gratitude! I will have the fastest DEMM this side of anywhere, cause im sure it was the fastest this side of anywhere whocares to begin with!

  4. Gabe, buy me the cheapest smallest moped part the have and give it to me as a gift! Thanks!

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