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yesterday i finally got the dremel collets i needed to hook up my dremel flex shaft. i was holding off porting my polini exhaust until then so i could get all the angles i wanted inside the exhaust port, making it a lot easier. a pros only porting tip i picked up from peter is […]

this weekend we (bandits and tbs) stayed at a rad cabin in the appalachian mountains. a few miles into the 30 mile ride i was coming to the top of a long hill when my motor started getting noisy. polini’s are loud kits and i’ve heard some weird noises out of mine with nothing wrong, […]

with the handy help of hobbit blaster master peter mcderfer i converted my PA50I bottom end to a PA50II last night. he’s got a great blog post detailing everything you need to do complete with some pro tips. there’s a few steps. first up was grinding down the little nubber in the cases that keep […]

I’ve wanted a big kit to play around with for a while now, and just before christmas I snagged Vic’s up. I bought it with an initial purpose of having some fun with it on the derbi down the road, but it also came with a complete e50 and some other puch performance goodies, so […]

my mom has always been kind of into mopeds. during ghost ride this year i had them show up on saturday after we got done with the ride and see all the bikes parked downtown. then i sunday i led a 20 mile ride to my parents house for swimming and good times. ever since […]