merry christmas mom


my mom has always been kind of into mopeds. during ghost ride this year i had them show up on saturday after we got done with the ride and see all the bikes parked downtown. then i sunday i led a 20 mile ride to my parents house for swimming and good times. ever since seeing all the different bikes that weekend she’s been hooked. so around thanksgiving when a complete pinto 2 showed up on indianapolis craigslist i quickly convinced my brothers and sisters to chip in and i picked it up on my way back to louisville. it was a barn stored bike, but was covered in a nasty dust/grease mixture and had a rusty tank. i cleaned it up a bit, then jammed it in my car and headed on my east coast/midwest journey. i wound up in grand rapids and unloaded the bike at peter’s garage where it got some love.

car wash BLASTIN
peter BLASTIN!

i did a quick vinegar/salt/water/pennies flush on the tank a few times, rinsed it with wd40 and after a couple of flushes of gas it looked awesome. points were adjusted, it was re-jetted (it came with a stock 70 jet for a 12/12 bing = RICH CITY), wiring was cleaned up, all the chrome was polished and some other general maintenance was done. this was the first bike i really spent time on making look nice, and it was surprisingly very satisfying.

christmas came, and she was completely surprised and ecstatic. over the next couple days i taught her the inner workings of a torn apart e50 i have, how to do some general maintenance and start her bike, and she understands the basics of how a 2-stroke works. next step, RIPPIN!


4 Responses to “merry christmas mom”

  1. 1 MFTravis

    Oh man, that’s cute. My Mom would never get on one. Do you think she’ll start hitting up rallies now?

    • 2 gabeb

      her and my dad are talking about driving down to some of the midwest moped races. she might show up for a ride or two at ghost ride next year too.

  2. Your mom can stay with me if she comes to Blood Drive. My mom likes to ride Honda Expresses better than mopeds, she says they are more her size.

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