metra 80 and a new shop


I’ve wanted a big kit to play around with for a while now, and just before christmas I snagged Vic’s up. I bought it with an initial purpose of having some fun with it on the derbi down the road, but it also came with a complete e50 and some other puch performance goodies, so I decided in the mean time that I’d build up another maxi and have some top speed gas guzzling fun. i dug in with some deep case matching. nate has an aluminum welder, so i have the luxury of not need to worry about bustin through. i’ve got to get a few holes welded up, then i’ll do a bit more case matching and smooth everything out.
the eventual setup will be something around..
• large port metra 80
• 3 shoe with paz springs
• cheapy e50 cdi
• treats aluminum stuffed crank
• 24 flatslide mikuni
• some type of yet to be decided custom motion left pipe

markryan and i also recently moved into a rad new place that came with the super rad extra bonus of being directly behind jason wadowski. wads was kind enough to give us half the space in his dungeon moped workshop lair. so for the first time ever i have a legitmate shop next to my house with all my tools and parts. productivity x 1000!
new shop


6 Responses to “metra 80 and a new shop”

  1. Moped shops are wonderful, aren’t they?

  2. so jealous. is i.

  3. 3 cuperzacko

    looks like a nice space. I see vespino in the foreground.

  4. oh yeah. there’s vespino everywhere down there. it’s guts are strewn out all over the place. Slowly it’s reforming like a T1000; parts melting and forming back together…

  5. 5 gabeb

    thanks dudes! there’s also another room where all the rolling frames/running bikes and wheels are stored.

    zack, that vespino is nuts and wads is in love with it. it has a good home.

  6. 6 jeremy.bandit

    I still think those are jazzhands. nice shop, dudes!

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