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i’m slowly chipping away at getting both of these bikes done. the derbi is by far the most ambitious build i’ve tackled, the pitbike forks on the maxi have proved to be challenging (i’m going to do a full writeup on everything it took to make them work when i’m done) and i’m also forcing […]

On my old Polini setup I was getting some reed fluttering at the top end when I would let off the throttle at high speeds. This was only going to get worse with the porting and reed mod that I did, so I bought some thicker reed material. Stock Polini reeds are .30mm, I bought […]

This past weekend Nate, Devin and I went up to Milwaukee (which is AWESOME) to hang out with the Cranks. If you haven’t spent time with any of the Cranks, you’re blowing it. These dudes are super hospitable, a ton of fun, real knowledgeable, ride year round…they’re doing it right. We spent all day Saturday […]



gary busey (my red maxi) was my first moped. i love him dearly, but the kreemed tank is starting to flake and the rattle canned paintjob has been running off at gas stations across the country. he’s just not suitable as a race bike and it’s time to retire him (for now) and move my […]

nothing too excited, but some more steady progress made. after precision eyeballing and precarious tack welding the yz80 frame has been retrofitted with tank mounts. after a few layers of electrical tape they fit real snug. after getting the tank mounted i ran into a problem. the monsterous hydro fork tubes were hitting the tank […]

i’m sticking with the 2 petal for now for two reasons. to try and ride the mythical unicorn and hit 60+ on a 15 bing 2 petal and to see how it holds up on the track against the 4 petal dudebros. for the track i’ll probably mess around with getting my 18 mikuni hooked […]

went over to nate’s garage last night. the wood stove was roastin, ryan nichols was drinking smirnoff ice and talking about spartafoxilover and we went through a spool of wire on the welder. i got the motor mocked up with a jackstand and made sure to line everything up just right. with the derbi motor […]

derbi progress


the derbi monster has sadly been at a halt since before christmas. the main obstacle of the project, figuring out a rear sprocket/wheel situation, turned out to be some real trouble. here it is with the original YZ80 rear wheel. there were two problems with that wheel. first, the 12″ wheel looked goofy and non-moped […]