went over to nate’s garage last night. the wood stove was roastin, ryan nichols was drinking smirnoff ice and talking about spartafoxilover and we went through a spool of wire on the welder.

i got the motor mocked up with a jackstand and made sure to line everything up just right. with the derbi motor perfectly centered the front sprocket sits in nearly the exact same position the YZ80 did, MO-LUCK! we tacked it up, then nate taught me a real handy welding trick.

welding trickz

it’s a little blurry but there’s a bolt dropped into the end of the tube. it’s an easy way of capping off the end of an open tube so you can weld everything together solid. after that it was a lot of this…


and we ended up with this. BEEFY.


we’re going to weld a small cross brace between the two front motor mounts to stiffin it up some more. the rear mounts rest on part of the old cage mounts, easy peasy.

tacked up

i hacked the seat down a bunch with this mini sawzall nate just got. it’s like a mix between a full size sawzall and turkey carving knife. super handy. seeing the bike with the motor fully supported and seat chopped got me really excited for how it’s starting to turn out.

getting closer

next up is getting the custom rear sprocket ordered and tires figured out.


7 Responses to “MOTOR MOUNT MADNESS”

  1. Man, that is so BA!

  2. 2 Graham


    you guys need to invest in a Jig-a-joint

    is the mini-sawzall a harbor frieght item by chance? i could use something like that.


  3. 3 gabeb

    thanks phil!

    graham what’s a jig a point? the mini sawzall was a harbor freight item (chicago brand) but it was discontinued, nate got the display model. there might be some floating around on ebay.

  4. dude…gabe….this thing is looking incredible. good score with that tank too. jeez. i’m so happy that this project is going so well. good luck man! can’t wait to see it at WB…3?

  5. this looks sick…like I’m vomiting in my mouth right now. Glad to see it finally supporting the engine so that you can’t knock it over when you’re drunk or when your noodle digits go flailing about.

  6. fucking awesome. both items, excited about the polini, way excited about this derbi.

  7. 7 gabeb

    thanks dudes!

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