polini reed modz


i’m sticking with the 2 petal for now for two reasons. to try and ride the mythical unicorn and hit 60+ on a 15 bing 2 petal and to see how it holds up on the track against the 4 petal dudebros. for the track i’ll probably mess around with getting my 18 mikuni hooked up to see how that does. in spirit of takin this little buddy to the limit i did some work on it.



i gave it the “push on this as hard as possible with your thumb” test and it didn’t break, so i’m calling it safe. i didn’t want to remove it entirely because i’ve heard of reeds snapping and getting sucked into the intake. NO THANKS.

derbi update: i’m getting my rear sprocket and some tires ordered this weekend. i’ve got a few tank and seat mounts to take care of, and i need to try and find some motorcycle clip-ons i like. real excited this bike is getting close to done.


One Response to “polini reed modz”

  1. 1 westseattleryan

    60+ is easily achieved with a 15 bing and a unmodified 2 petal, it just does not last that long at WOT as it overheats real quick and puts holes in pistons. It should do just fine against some of the 4 petal setups, at least i think so.


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