gary busey (my red maxi) was my first moped. i love him dearly, but the kreemed tank is starting to flake and the rattle canned paintjob has been running off at gas stations across the country. he’s just not suitable as a race bike and it’s time to retire him (for now) and move my puch polini race motor to an new frame. devin hooked me up with a really nice black newport frame, and the birth of scary busey began.


i wanted a proper suspension and disk brakes for this bike, but i wasn’t going to spend loads of money on nice moped forks. i was real stoked when i found some hydro pit bike forks, a mint yz80 front wheel and rotor and maxi length hydraulic rear shocks at a junkyard for dirt cheap. i ebay’d a complete front pitbike brake assembly for cheap and had all the parts i needed.

the pit bike triple tree didn’t quite fit on the maxi frame so i had to hack some material off the maxi headtube.

head tube hack

that still wasn’t enough so i ground a bunch of material off the bottom of the super beefy triple tree so it would clear the bearing cup.

triple tree mods

i still have a bearing issue to work work out, but everything is bolted together nicely.


all that’s left is getting a bracket made to finish mounting the calipers and small cross bar mod and this frame will be ready to have everything swapped over. my motor is almost ready to go too. just need to clean the cylinder out with muriatic acid and get my custom head back from graham. reeeeally excited to get this bike together and see how it performs with the new head, porting and reed mod.

on our way to the hardware store, nate and i stopped by a rad thrift store where i found a timing light and nate got an lcd monitor that he drilled into the garage ceiling. UPGRAYEDD!


oh also…


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