MEGA PHOTO POST: a day in the Cranks’ machine shop


This past weekend Nate, Devin and I went up to Milwaukee (which is AWESOME) to hang out with the Cranks. If you haven’t spent time with any of the Cranks, you’re blowing it. These dudes are super hospitable, a ton of fun, real knowledgeable, ride year round…they’re doing it right.

We spent all day Saturday hanging out and messing around with a few different projects in their machine shop. Nate spent time making some rad improvements to his doppler clutch pulley for the not-o-becain. For being so expensive, it’s really crummy and doesn’t hold up well.

Graham and Nate brainstormed some ideas. Two moped mad scientists working together.


Scooter clutch, meet doppler clutch pulley.

scooter clutch, meet doppler clutch pulley

A little time on the drill press and lathe and he had a scooter clutched doppler clutch pulley.

making the doppler clutch pulley better

Devin, Salty, Graham and Henry prototyped some puch 3 shoe clutch braces. Any clutch tuned out for some mean revving eventually bends the clutch post arms and destroys the pads.


To make these work you have to grind down the posts so the plate has room to fit. Salty went to town on the mill.

salty milling a 3 shoe

Then Devin drilled and tapped holes in the posts for the screws that hold the plate on. This sucks without a drill press.

drill/tapping clutch plate for the brace

They designed, lathed and cut out the braces.


I wanted to lighten my clutch for my polini race bike. Here it is mocked up.

marked to go

6 pads being lightened at once, BALLER STATUS. Blaze is clearly amazed.

precision lightened clutch pads


Finished product, should be rad.

custom high revin' 3 shoe

I’m going to run a 24 mikuni on the derbi, so I took advantage of the huge racks of scrap aluminum tubing and plates they had and made an intake. I took some aluminum tubing that had a beefy OD (34mm) so I had the option of boring it out to 26 or 28mm down the road, grabbed the right sized reamer and threw it on the lathe.

Using machine shops is awesome


24mm of flow

I’m leaving a bunch of extra material on the side of the intake to give myself room to experiment with different reedblocks in the future.

I got my rad polini head from Graham

custom puch polini head

and Nate and Graham cut Jay his hobbit head

jay's custom dr hobbit head

What would a Wisconsin trip be without some CHEESE CURDS.

cheeze curdz

Love these dudes. Thanks again Cranks!!

love these dudes


9 Responses to “MEGA PHOTO POST: a day in the Cranks’ machine shop”

  1. 1 tweeder

    do you guys have any extra clutch braces?

    • 2 gabeb

      there were a bunch, but they were kind of rough so we left them in milwaukee. devin was talking about having them water jetted, so i’d get in contact with him or with one of the cranks (graham, henry or blaze would be best) and see if they’ll send you one.

  2. Italy or Die!!!
    Looks like your trip was epic! mmmm…cheese curds. When they’re really fresh they should squeak on your teeth.

  3. Great work guys! Everybody needs their own machine shop.

    • 5 gabeb

      seriously. having that stuff at your disposal makes so many more things a possibility and WAY easier.

  4. Ha ha ha, I’ve never seen Nate Bandit use any kind of protection equipment, and there he is wearing safety glasses! Looks like an excellent time! USA Mopeds are finally getting some knowledge.

  5. 8 Salty

    Responible Jon says “he never saw Nate Bandit where any kind of protective equipment” We always wear protection up here in da nortwoods. What happens in Wisconsin machine shop, stays in a Wisconsin machine shop! Sorry about the let down on the clutch braces. Wish they had turned out better. Devin wants to powdercoat them anyways, haha. I plan to rock mine and don’t see where it will be any issue but I am not running a Gila with “Hoosier Majic” though either.

    • 9 gabeb

      not at all a let down! i think it’ll work great. in fact there’s probably some dudes down here that would buy one if you guys wanted to finish cutting them on the bandsaw. lulz at hoosier majic.

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