fancy pants


some fancy things recently acquired and getting put to use…

custom sprockets for the derbi monster from the sprocket specialists.

custom sprockets

if you ever need custom sprocket, these are the guys to get them from. around $50 a sprocket, aluminum, really good quality, and the option of having it T-3 hardened (i’m going to do that after i drill the holes). i ordered mine blank because i have to drill and tap new holes on the hub and want to do everything at the same time.

derbi head cut by graham. beauty quality.

derbi head

i’ve had these really sweet automotive fog lights for a year now and i’m finally putting them to use on scary busey. OUT OF CONTROL AWESOME.


a few weeks ago i got leathers!


they’re a little short around the ankles and wrists, but long boots and gloves will cover that up no problem.

project update: the maxi is stone walled right now waiting for a top fork nut. i struck out finding a replacement at the bike shop, every hardware store i went to, and pretty on much every brand mopeds. the pit bike head tube is too small for anything else out there. however i did catch a lucky break with a friend of the bandits who works for ford. he said he’s going to have the machinists at the ford plant either fix the threads or make me a new one. here’s hoping that works out, i really want to get that bike running.

with the sprockets here i can resume work on the derbi. the rad dudes at the local motorcycle shop lent me a tire to try on my 18″ kawasaki F7 wheel. swingarm clearance in the front is a big question (the yz80 came with a 14″ wheel). also, motorcycle tires are exxxxpensive, $70-200 a piece. so i’m leaning towards finding a 17 inch wheel to lace into the F7. that way i’ll for sure have clearance and i can run moped tires. we’ll see how things look tonight when i get it mocked up.

OT: markryan works for a screen printing company and is always bringing back extra shirts, it’s awesome. here’s an epic one-off shirt he made from 2 different screens last week.

new shirt from mark

oh and it’s march, which means mcdonalds is serving shamrock shakes and riding season is right on the verge of being here. both of these things have me this excited.



5 Responses to “fancy pants”

  1. 1 zack


    They also make it 3″ wide. Cheap and a decent tire.

    • 2 gabeb

      i had those mounted on my 5 stars, but never ran them hard before i sold them. what’s the traction like on them? i might end up racing this, depends on how it handles. what size were the gp1s on that cuper gerbi?

    • 3 gabeb

      wait i just realized you linked to some in 18″ nice! if i go that route i might give them a shot. thanks!

  2. 4 zack

    matt is running a 2.75×17 gp1 on the rear of the derbi. I run michelin m29s on everything else. Hard tires to find, but the grip is much better than the IRC or Hutchinsons

    • 5 gabeb

      perfect! i was hoping 2.75s looked that big. my front forks are monsterous, so if no other rad tires come up (i’ll keep my eye out for some m29s) i’m going to go with 2.75 gp1s in the front and rear. thanks!

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