one of these days i’ll have a rear wheel for my derbi


more slow progress on the derbi rear wheel. the 18″ tire i got from the motorcycle shop didn’t work out. i wish it would have, the bike looked real gnarly with it mocked up.


so i moved forward with the plan of lacing a 17″ wheel into the F7 hub. the spokes were completely rusted into place on the F7 wheel…



myspace graphic



i got a motobecane rear wheel from nate thats extra wide and has the same 36 spoke pattern as the F7 hub. now i have to figure out the best place to take the hub and wheel to to get spokes cut, threaded and laced.

F7 hub ready to be relaced

added bonus of removing the spokes is i can fit the hub into the drill press. the sprockets are too small to use the existing bolt holes so i need to drill and tap m5 holes to bolt the sprockets up.

custom fitted

last night i finished the wiring on scary busey and started it up on the kickstand with a drill. it fired up the first time in half a rotation and reminded me how much i love this motor. so for the first time since seizing that bike i have a running moped! i’m still waiting to hear back from the ford plant on my fork nut. if that doesn’t work nate “knows a guy” that lives in “the real south” who apparently has sheds packed floor to ceiling with scooters. so i’ll head there to look for something that works.


2 Responses to “one of these days i’ll have a rear wheel for my derbi”

  1. 1 tweeder

    2 weeks til track scoping!!!!

    • 2 gabeb

      yeah! double whammy of finally getting on the track and getting some quality tbs bonerjamz.

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