so not having internet or a computer at home and some tedious work have slowed updates. without access to a computer, i had to do an analog design for precise layout and SAE/FEA structural integrity testing on the derbi. results came back favorable.


i spent the weekend and last night working on getting scary busey tuned. between the lightened clutch, the reed mod, porting and different cdi something is off. i’m going to slowly go through and eliminate potential problems by swapping a stock 2 shoe clutch in and then a stock reed block. at that point getting it timed and the carb tuned shouldn’t be a problem. trying to sort through all of those things at the same time definitely isn’t the way to go.

monday night i headed over to nate’s garage to drill and tap the F7 hub for the new sprockets. i drilled through one of the sprockets and the hub at the same time, then tapped the hub. working with a brand new tap and good aluminum made this a breeze.



after that i clamped the sprockets together and used the center of the hub to make sure they were perfectly aligned so the bolt pattern would be a match on both and drilled them out.


next time i get access to a lathe i’m going to turn a small spacer that puts the sprockets exactly here.


it gives them enough clearance for the chain and makes them flush with the inside lip of the hub, which’ll make washers sit exactly flat across the sprocket and inside of the hub.


speeeeed sprocket!


next step is to take my moby rim and the hub to the motorcycle shop to get spokes cut, threaded and laced up. i also have to find tires. NO ONE has 17″ racing slicks. i’d like to run 17×2.75s on this guy. 77 is supposed to get some gp1s in a few weeks…but i’d like to find some before then.


4 Responses to “xxxtreme”

  1. Which one do I get to ride at your rally?

    • 2 gabeb

      haha. if they’re both done, you can take both of them on joy rides at the rally. i’m not sure which one i’ll be riding and if i’ll be loaning the other one out. when are you flying in?

  2. I’ll be flying in to Indianapolis early and coming down for extra party time. No loaner required!

    • 4 gabeb

      and that, is why i love him. WOW. yeah on coming down early!! there’s some good stuff happening the days before and after the rally.

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