and i don’t have a running bike. freaking.out.


right now my maxi forks are sitting at the ford plant in their machine shop getting the threads chased. i had the top bearing nut fixed…but it turned out the threads were mucked up on the head tube too, bonerjamz. beyond the forks i still have a tuning issue to figure out. the bike was bogging out really bad on the low end, having trouble idling and was unresponsive to different jets and needle positions. so i’m fairly certain now that the reeds are barely rubbing on the inside of the cylinder and getting stuck slightly open.  i’m going to borrow a stock 2 petal from buckswilde and see if that’s the case.

tonight i’m headed to the motorcycle shop to hopefully get the F7 hub laced into the moby rim and finally have a complete rear wheel for my derbi. once that’s done i’ll be a lot closer to getting that bike done.

i also still have the hobbit to get running. i haven’t been working on it because i wanted to get my maxi going first…but all this warm weather and no running bike is driving me nuts, so i might do some work on that the next couple of days. it theoretically only needs a few bolts, variator weights and a small end needle bearing (and needs to be completely assembled). you know…practically done, right?



  1. same boat. all my projects seem to move so slow this year

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