lactating hobbits and super jogs


i stopped by the motorcycle shop yesterday to make some derbi progress. when i got there matt (from cheap cycle parts, really rad dudes) brought me around back and showed me his buddies 55-60mph wheelie machine jog, so awesome.


hey what are those holes for?


oh, the watercooled athena kit. nbd.

watercooled athena kit

the radiator is cycled by a bolt on pump that’s spun off the flywheel, so easy and clean.

55-60mph wheelie jog

while i was there i dug in with matt to try and figure out a spoking solution for my derbi rear wheel. we walked around the showroom floor looking at a bunch of different wheels to try and find spokes that would be thick enough, long enough and have the right bend. it was looking dicey until we found a new suzuki (the TU250, pretty rad little fuel injected bike) had something that was real close and ordered some up. if they fit, i’ll sit down and figure out a spoke pattern that works, then take them to the local bike shop to get them threaded and then cut them down. i’m going to need some mo-luck on this one for it to all work out…but everything looks pretty close.

last night pulled i my hobbit frame out of back storage and realized all the stuff it was missing, so instead of putting it together i made a list. with a desire to make progress on something with visible results i went to inflate the tires (sometimes it’s the little things), and this happened….

that came out of my tire

….sigh. sometimes it’s best to just stare at your bikes. elliot agreed.

sometimes you just need to stare


4 Responses to “lactating hobbits and super jogs”

  1. 2% Apple Juice in the gas makes you go faster.
    2% milk in the tires makes slow leaks easy to find.

  2. so gross…please tell me you cleaned that up. ha.

  3. i bet that smelled yummy

  4. 4 gabeb

    seriously, it smelled terrible.

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