RACING! and scary busey comes to life


this past weekend we were headed out to the track with a bunch of people. of course that meant i was in nate’s garage late friday night working on getting scary busey race proper. in the never ending battle of getting the pit bike forks to work, the threads were too trashed to salvage on the original head stem. so i ended up having an entirely new one made from scratch by the wizards at the ford plant. huge thanks to bryan for hooking me up with that.

old vs. new

so with that done i had my bike actually stable and felt good continuing to tune. i ran out of time though and had to load it in nate’s bike with some track side tuning ahead of me. tom and jimmy from IRE came into town friday, and we had a lot of fun.

so saturday we loaded up bikes and headed out to cinci (it’s 40 mins south of the track) to meet up with tbs.

we got to the track and i dove into tuning and timing my bike. once i got the timing dialed in, and switched jets scary busey roared to life. it was ok on the track…but 16×40 gearing was a little tall and i left my 45 tooth at home like a dummy. devin, chubbs and henry showed up a few hours later and henry loaned me his 45 tooth sprocket which transformed my bike. the shorter gearing allowed the lightened clutch to really unleash at some scary rpms. the bike sounds like it’s try to tear itself apart…definitely not for street use, but real mean on the track. we tore around the track for the next 6 hours, and i fell in love with racing.

nate on the fa


doug brought his srx250 out
doug on his srx250

henry on devin's pinto

most of those photos were by tom. there’s a bunch more in this flickr photoset, and he took a sick panorama of the track.

devin had the fastest lap time on his metra 80, 24 mikuni, motion left gila pipe pinto at 53.4 seconds. his previous racing experience was really showing. we all took laps on my maxi towards the end of the day to see where people stood. devin was the fastest at 54.6 and i was in second at 55.9. that was my first time on a track, so i was pretty stoked to be that close to him. i learned a ton and can’t wait to get back out there to practice some more.

i was also real stoked that my 15 bing polini was only 1.2 seconds off his metra 80 lap times, a testament to polini power. it’s getting some nasty vibrations at 9k+ rpms and i’m pretty sure it’s the cdi flywheel. you can feel a real slight wobble with your finger when it’s on the stand, stupid thing is out of round. so i’m using this as an excuse to UPGRAYEDD to hpi, real stoked. still on the fence about going 4 petal. i have one sitting on my workbench staring at me. i’m doubting the 15 bing will be enough carburetion for the gnarly rpm’s the hpi will turn out, so the 18 mikuni and 4 petal are probably inevitable.

we stayed at the track till sunset. the track is in the middle of rolling ohio farmland, it’s beautiful. pretty sure this is going to be the best summer ever.

end to a perfect day


21 Responses to “RACING! and scary busey comes to life”

  1. 1 Mike from Kansas City

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for an update on this since Tom and Jimmy got back from the track. Any more practice days coming up before the may race?

    • 2 gabeb

      maybe. this weekend is working on bikes, next weekend nashville rally, weekend after that maaaybe, then wb3, then a weekend in milwaukee, then the first race weekend. wowzas. so it might happen april 10. depends how rally planning and loaner bikes are. could you make it then?

      • 3 Mike from Kansas City

        might have to wait till the saturday before the race to gets some laps in.

  2. 4 zack


  3. 5 zack

    oh yea, treats has selettra on sale too.

    • 6 gabeb

      oh yeah? i remember you saying you thought the hpi had a better curve but the selettra was a few ounces lighter. if you had your pick which would you go with? am i going to need to make a custom bracket or drill/tap my case to make the selettra work?

      • 7 tweeder

        I have one of those “true 4 petal” reed cages for the polini reed block if you decide to go that way. the vulcanized deally. not using it anymore cuz i’m also upgrading. hint: the free mlm gila pipe is going to come in handy.

      • 8 zack

        i dunno. I need to try the two back to back. As far as mounting, I’m not sure the difference. You might, if anything, slightly enlarge the holes on the stator to make it work. If I happen to have time this weekend, I’ll throw the selettra on and compare it to the hpi and let you know.

  4. 9 tweeder

    unless of course you went with malossi.

    • 10 gabeb

      already have a malossi. thanks though dude. chris mentioned your build on saturday, gonna be awesome. the polini is going to too right?

  5. 11 Aa.

    16×40 too tall?

  6. Gabe, you look awesome on your bike. On a side note, I believe that Devin’s Swinger2 used to belong to me, so I like to think that me owning the frame at one point in its life has to do with it’s top speed. I really want to come race on your track this summer, I wonder if it’s possible? When are we going to set up the USA MOPED CUP ALL SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP where every moped racer from the Polini Cup, Midwest cup and the Oregon cup get to race at one track?

    • 13 gabeb

      a usa moped cup weekend would be so rad and i think definitely possible. i’ll have to think some more about that and talk to some people to see what they think.


    This needs to happen. I was waiting for this post, bwahaha. Kicked fucking ass.

    Gabe, I think you need to stick with that 2petal / 15 bing set up just long enough to hit 60+ then it’s okay for you to switch over to the 4 petal.

    Bummed I missed seeing the MLM and Minneapolis dudes hit the track, let me know of another time at the track between now and the June dates. Already made some changes to my bike.

  8. 15 gabeb

    zack, that would be AWESOME! you’re right tom…this setup should be top speed tested before i move forward.

  9. 16 Mike from Kansas City

    ALL USA CUP = Denver.

  10. 17 zack

    atwater. Come out for one! Time it with the creatures rally or something. Make it happen.

    • 18 gabeb

      I want to! I was looking at dates and how to make it work. is your polini class drum brakes only?

      mike, i was thinking about denver. depends how good the track is.

  11. 19 zack

    yes, drums only 😦

    • 20 gabeb

      bonerjamz!! polini reedblock too right? thats dumb. well I could probably build another maxi to swap it onto, unless cuperpoopers have one i could work over. have to see how freelance work goes. I’m flying to the sf rally, is there a race close to their rally?

  12. 21 zack

    I don’t even know when their rally is, september i hope? The last races are oct 3 and 4 (none in sept.). You could throw your stuff on one of our frames (freespirit or maxi or whatever). Any 4 petal is ok, the only stupid restrictions are no cdi and no disks.

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