stock derbi love


i spent a good chunk of last summer cruising around on a stock derbi. it was glorious. a comfy seating position, long seat for doubles which it would pull no problem and a max speed of mid-upper 30s. it was a good summer.

then i made it go fast and realized the frame was sketchasuraus rex, so i started building the derbi monster. no matter how excited i am to get that bike done, i still miss the simple pleasures of that stock derbi. so i was super stoked to work out a deal with brandon from the garelli bad dudes/buffalo boys to have this beauty delivered to me at our rally.

stock derbi love

i’ve never seen a black and gold variant america and really like it, any info on it from derbi wizards? i also really dig the fancy 5 stars. it needs a little work, but should be a rad little (big) bike when it’s done.


6 Responses to “stock derbi love”

  1. 1 MFTravis

    Sweet deal dude. I get that too, about the stock bikes. Less to worry about, and you’re not constantly listening to the motor for signs of impending doom. And the wonderful PT in San Francisco has a Derbi like that. He calls it the SUV of mopeds.

  2. we have two of those in lancaster. one of them’s my roomates. slick looking derbi for sure!

  3. 3 gabeb

    pt nailed it, so comfy. were the black and gold just the piston port variant america model? or some other extra special model with a 6 weight variator and collapsable jetpacks?

  4. 4 zack

    there are 2 black and gold models. The one above (piston port) and a later one with a flat reed and 7 stars. I want a stock derbi again.

  5. yeah! stock bikes!

  6. HEY. i have that same bike!! only mine has a single seat and a huge luggage rack and a side pannier and the weird front rack. i’m building it up right now, in fact i came here looking for some PRO TIPS re: metra 75, 4 petal, mik 24, rk replica. DERPI BROS!

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