led tail light mod


when we went to the track i took my headlight off, but was an idiot and left my rad little led tail light on. it didn’t appreciate 12v and 55w going through it and fried. i went to autozone and pick up an $8 led marker light to replace it. i also wanted to upgrade the visibility of it. i live on a rad winding road, but it’s busy and people fly down it. so i wired it up with a rectifier mark had and threw it in my stock tail light as an enclosure to increase visibility.

markryan approved
markryan approves

looking back i could have maybe taken the red len off the led, but it’s plenty bright and i guess the led’s are safer this way.

ripped the old reflector/bulb holder out and made sure that it was really secure and professionally installed in the enclosure….with a tshirt. this actually does work really well.
precision tshirt stuffing

i like they way the stock tail light looks, and it’s way brighter than just a small led strip.

scary busey

i’m still having some issues with scary busey. i’m near positive it’s a simple fuel flow issue. the tank is a little dirty and the fuel filter is probably tired. gotta get it done for the dead peds rally this weekend! it’s been one thing after another with this bike, i’m glad i got it done a while before the races and am able to work out all the kinks. i also still need to take care of a little play in the forks. i need to take them apart and either shim or jb weld the top bearing nut from the pit bike forks to the maxi bearing cone.

oh yeah, the black and gold derbi coming my way will now be officially known as colonel sanders.




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  1. Got to respect the loafers.

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