dead peds rally and blue’d up polinis get new life


This weekend was epic. Dead Peds threw an amazing rally. Everyone I met was real cool and the rides were long, winding and beautiful. I got some video, unfortunately not till after some of the best parts, but you get the idea. There was a small breakaway pack of us that were blasting full throttle through this national forrest, real good stuff. It’s a little shaky and i block the mic with my hand a few times, riding one handed and trying to not drop my phone can get a little complicated at 55.

We saw this on the way to Nashville. Two dogs, both with braided facial fur and a beer. Dirty South special.

2 dogs with braided facial fur and a beer

There’s a couple of threads with links to a bunch of photos on the MA general forum.

Rewind to Thursday night and my last second trouble shooting to figure out what was going on with Scary Busey. It was missing a lot at high rpms and kept getting worse and worse until it stopped running. I checked all my external connections, swapped out another cdi box and couldn’t find any problems. When I pulled my flywheel off I found this,


Pretty stoked to find out it was going to be an easy fix. I soldered it up and it was back to feeling solid, the best it’s been since rebuilt.

Right towards to end of the Friday night ride I was coming down a hill and suddenly lost all power. I thought it might have been gas or spark related, but when I turned over my flywheel I had no compression. Bonerjamz! I walked down the block to the bar to start taking it apart and found my ring had gotten all blue’d up.

old ring all blue'd up

Not too surprising as it had around 3000 hard miles on it, had been seized and was making a lot of noise. The ring land on the piston got smushed a bit and needed to be sanded down.

piston damage

The exhaust port caught some damage too.


I got a lift back to the Dead Ped’s shop (which is huge and awesome) and was lucky enough to get hooked up with a Polini ring on the spot. I sanded the nick above the exhaust port down raising my exhaust a little more, performance seize!

good to go

I called that good enough, and a full day of real hard riding Saturday has so far proved that to be true. So 2 hours after blowing up I was back on the road and met up with everyone at the second bar, rally wrenching win.

The same dude that hooked me up with the Polini ring, Dead Ped Mark, also had a seized cylinder and piston laying on his work bench. There was no nikasil damage and everything was a couple mm below the exhaust port. He didn’t want it so he sold it to me for $50. He’s a real nice dude.

sand and blast

Some sanding, muriatic acid and a new ring should be all it takes to get this up and running. He already chopped the fins off to run it with a 4 petal, so i’m going to port the bejeezus out of it and upgrayedd to a 4 petal and 18 mikuni. Then my current cylinder can be kept in 2 petal form and I’ll build another bike with my trusty old estoril. I missed the simplicity of that setup a little and am excited to build it again.

All that is going to have to wait until after the Derbi is done though. There’s only 2 weeks left until our rally and the goal is to have it done for it, crunch time! If you haven’t already registered for the rally do it here. Hope to see you chumps in a couple weeks!


5 Responses to “dead peds rally and blue’d up polinis get new life”

  1. Was that a moped sidecar outfit at the end of that video?

  2. Sounds like fun, see you in a few!

  3. 3 Dead ped brent

    Seeing you in your back with your top end off at the bar was pretty sexy! Apparently you are suppose to brake in new polini rings at fullspeed for 60 miles?!

  4. 4 gabeb

    clip, it was a motorcycle.

    hahaha yep brent, i think i read that somewhere in the bell and jennings 2 stroke guide.

    yeah jon! stoked you’re coming early/staying late.

  5. I’m still waiting for Nate to build a sidecar…

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