yarrrrg, another polini seize. this time with an estoril, what i thought was an unseizable setup. i put 2500 miles on the same setup (15 bing polini estoril) last year with zero problems. this has me slightly questioning the porting i did, or maybe it’s just a series of flukes. well…here’s my first addition to the wall of shame.

wall of shame'd

the cylinder has a very shallow score running from the chipped exhaust port up to the head. i think the scoring will be ok, but i’m not sure about the exhaust port. thoughts?

small score



the top of the exhaust port was already chamfered a lot from the work i did on it after breaking the a ring at the dead peds rally. it could be that wasn’t smoothed out enough though.

now i just have to hope i can track down a polini ring/piston in less than a week and get everything together to lead rides with. i’ll probably also try and put my kitted pyramid reed motor on the black and gold derbi brandon is bringing down thursday night. i should be able to get that turned out in a night. might just end up riding that. uncertainty, excitement, rallies!


11 Responses to “ALL BLUE’D UP”

  1. I haven’t heard the zink sound in a while, sorry about yours! See you in a few!

  2. 2 Bradley Smith

    man, that’s a bummer dude! i feel your un certainty too, i’m in scramble mode but got a ton of stuff done yesterday. i might be rockin an unpainted tank…we’ll see

  3. 3 Bradley Smith

    oh, and good luck!

  4. yikes dude, bonerjams!

    it’s been a good week for that around the midwest… the list goes:

    ire beth
    linda from KC
    kenden from Cold Lrailers (Lawrence)
    aaand a couple others i can’t remember.

  5. 5 gabeb

    shesh tom, sounds like we all need to re-learn mopeds after this winter.

    thanks brad, your vespa top tank is going to be sick and super fast either way, stoked to see it.

    see all you dudes later this week!

  6. laurentz seized his polini last week but it’s running again albeit with bunch of piston slap.

    that looks like it got a little too hot, the exhaust port was a little too sharp. whats the underside of the crown look like?

    what oil ratio were you running ? do you subscribe to that 60:1 nonsense?

    • 7 gabeb

      i was running amsoil saber around 75/80:1, we’re definitely on opposite ends of the oil spectrum, hahaha. after checking some more things out i’m beginning to think it was running a little too advanced, the underside of the of the crown is real dark. that combined with the small headleak and a lonnnng stretch of WOT caused it to snag that exhaust port that wasn’t fully smoothed out and had been widened.

  7. 8 zack

    bummer-town! What head are you running, the graham one? Regardless, fix it and rip.

    • 9 gabeb

      it was a stock hi-torque head. in true gary busey form it’ll be coming back to life crazier than before.

  8. did you end up runnign it at WB? did we get a chance to meet? i met so many rad people that i sort of forgot alot 😦 either way, i think that was air leak near the exhaust side or somethign. what is your squish set to ? or was it set to ?

    • 11 gabeb

      nope. i cleaned up the seized, unported cylinder that i bought in nashville and ran that over the weekend. not sure what my squish is, i was running a stock hi-torque head. i got to talk to you for a minute at nates before we took off to the bar, and i think at a gas station, the whole weekend was a blur. it was rad watching you, devin and sambo have a gila shoot out. who ended up on top?

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